D is for Sean Combs – Daddy, Diageo, & Deleon Tequilas!

  Michael Hepworth\   D is for Sean Combs – Daddy, Diageo, & Deleon Tequilas!   By Michael Cohan HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/27/15/–When you mention the new venture of music and business mogul, Sean “Puff Daddy”Combs, one has to wonder what else he can accomplish! A global star turned liquor entrepreneur he partnered with Diageo in 2007 and […]


Michael Hepworth   RYAN WAINWRIGHT LAUNCHES NEW COCKTAILS  AT TERRINE West Hollywood(Spiritsman)7/27/15/–Terrine is one of the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles/West Hollywood area, and the cocktail scene here under head mixologist Ryan Wainwright has always been closely observed by those in the know. Fresh from his appearances in sweltering New Orleans at “Tales of the Cocktail,’ Wainwright launched […]

National Tequila Day DeLeón Platinum Tequila cocktail masterpieces

    Michael Hepworth HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/24/15/–Un-aged and unrivaled in finish, , made from 100% Highland Blue Weber agave, is a provocative Blanco with a rich, complex agave hone that is slow-fermented and twice-distilled.           On behalf of DeLeón Tequila, I’m reaching out to introduce you to its newest initiative, the #NextLevelOrder program […]

Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey two unique flavors

  Michael Hepworth     HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/21/15/–Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey  is a new flavored whiskey that combines whiskey and that form a fantastically well-balanced and delicious taste when blended together. Jared Berlin, creator of Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey, knew that whiskey and tea was a common pairing dating back to the 1800’s and wanted to bring […]

2015 Ultimate Beverage Challenge Wine Results

  Michael Hepworth     41 Wines are Awarded the UWC Chairman’s Trophy, the Highest Accolade!     Hawthorne, NY (Spiritsman)7/9/15/– – Ultimate Beverage ChallengeTM (UBC) announces the results of the sixth Ultimate Wine Challenge (UWC), held at UBC’s dedicated evaluation center in Westchester County, New York.  Led by UBC Founder and Judging Chairman F. Paul […]

Albariño Day: Worldwide wine celebration “KNOW YOUR GRAPES”

  Michael Hepworth     HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/8/15/–Albariño Day will be upon us before we know it (August 1st)! Like so many other 2015:days, it is a day to celebrate of the Albariño grape varietal, wine region of Rias Baixas in Galicia (northwestern Spain), and its local culture. Bodega Don Olegario winery is a traditional example of […]


Michael Hepworth   BUNGALOW 23 COCKTAIL MIXERS add NEW TWIST TO COCKTAILS PERFECT FOR THE LAZY AT HOME BARTENDER HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/5/15/–A new company from Florida has launched hand crafted mixes with their signature mix being the Pear Ginger Martini Mixer. As a lover of ginger, I welcomed this bottle when it arrived on my desk with its combination […]