Wines From The South Western Region of France

WINES FROM THE SOUTH WESTERN REGION OF FRANCE Region looking to expand big time into the USA By Michael Hepworth Santa Monica, CA(Spiritsman)9/29/11/—How cool is it that the European Union provides funding to different wine regions in France to send representatives over to the USA to meet and schmooze with distributors, merchants and wine writers. […]

St-Germain all-natural French Elderflower Liqueur

ST-GERMAIN-FRENCH ELDERFLOWER LIQUEUR   By Michael Hepworth Hollywood, CA(Spiritsman)9/22/11/—I came across this extremely versatile liqueur by chance at a French Film Festival, and it is now fast becoming a staple in my martini drinks, especially Gin. St.Germain is 100% made from fresh, wild and hand selected elderflower blossoms picked in late spring by local foragers […]

Oregon Gets Into The Gin Business

By Michael Hepworth Los Angeles(Spiritsman) 9/18/11/—The development of small distilleries in Oregon is an interesting trend and we will start with one of the newest called ORGANIC NATION. They started out with organic vodka in 2008, and last year launched O-N Organic Gin, a surprisingly good organic gin that is made special by having 12 […]

Helfrich Wines From Alsace- A Worthy Find

  By Michael Hepworth Los Angeles,CA(Spiritsman)9/9/11/—-Helfrich wines come from Alsace in Northern France and it is one of only fifty one vineyards that have the Grand Cru designation. The vineyard dates back to the reign of King Childebert 11 (589AD), and the Helfrich family has now been involved for six generations. Despite that history, the […]

Courvoisier Launchs New Rose Cognac Drink in Hollywood

Courvoisier Launchs New Rose Cognac Drink at Redbury Hotel in Hollywood COURVOISIER LAUNCHES NEW ROSE COGNAC DRINK By Michael Hepworth Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)9/1/11/—Courvoisier is one of the world’s leading Cognac brands, and in an effort to appeal to the younger swinging and predominately female cocktail crowd they have launched the new Rose Cognac drink that will be […]

The World’s Most Expensive Rose Wine

Searching The World For The Most Expensive Rose Wine A SEARCH FOR THE MOST EXPENSIVE ROSE IN THE WORLD.     By Michael Hepworth Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)9/1/11/—I was not aware that almost 85% of the wines from the idyllic region of Provence were in fact Rose. These wines are used as a welcoming tool for friends and […]