Michael Hepworth     CHILEAN WINES ON THE RISE   WINEMAKER RODRIGO SOTO EMBRACES BIO-DYNAMIC FARMING   West HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman02/18/16/—The perception of Chilean wines is that they are of the cheap and cheerful variety, so Chilean winemakers have been struggling with that image for at least 25 years. However that might be a situation gradually changing, […]

Iichiko Shochu Blu, QUALITY COMES FIRST!

    Michael Hepworth   QUALITY COMES FIRST WITH IICHIKO!    Iichiko Shochu Blu   By Michael Cohan HOLLYWOOD (Spiritsman) 2/13/16–Another gem of Japanese Shochu has been released for US consumption and it is called Iichiko Shochu Blu, a delicious combination of water siphoned from the deep springs and streams located about 300 yards underground in […]

Martin Miller’s Gin Cocktail competition, mixologist competed for a cash prize

  Michael Hepworth     Martin Miller’s Gin By Cheri Fox Brentwood,CA(Spiritsman)2/2/16/–Cocktail competition was held on Monday February 1, 2016 . There were 15 of LA’s hottest mixologists in attendance for the competition. These top mixologist competed for a cash prize of $1000 and debuted some fabulous cocktail concoctions. The event was co-hosting with The […]