Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut “Black Bottle Bubbly” The #1 imported sparkling wine in the world

Michael Hepworth   HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)1/31/15/- Freixenet’s most popular cava, Cordon Negro Brut is often referred to as the “Black Bottle Bubbly.” As the #1 imported sparkling wine in the world, crisp and creamy Cordon Negro Brut’s delicate bubbles make this the ideal wine for any occasion. Get ready to sparkle! – SPUER BOWL PARTY. TOUCHDOWN  Javier de las […]

Manhattan Moonshine is the first premium, Un-Aged Whiskey

Michael Hepworth   Manhattan Moonshine     HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)1/26/15/–What’s old is new again. The un-aged white Whiskey that established itself as the drink of choice during the roaring twenties has made an epic return in the form of “Manhattan Moonshine.” An ever-growing fascination with the era of jazz-fueled debauchery and Gatsby-rich style is what led entrepreneur William Kehler to […]

Cocktail Recipes Give Whiskey An Added Twist

  Michael Hepworth   Cocktail Recipes Give Whiskey An Added Twist Consumers Help Spark Sales as They Find More Ways to Enjoy a Favorite Drink HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)1/15/15/–With whiskey sales on the rise, more people are discovering there are plenty of ways to drink the distilled spirit than just straight on the rocks. Drink mixologists enjoy finding more […]

Champagne Thiénot will be the exclusive champagne of the 87th Academy Awards Oscar

      Michael Hepworth       HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)1/7/15/-For the second consecutive year, Champagne Thiénot will be the exclusive champagne featured during the pre-show of the 86th Oscars as well as at the prestigious Governors Ball, the Academy’s official post-Oscar ® celebration. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has again selected the little […]