Michael Hepworth


Oregon (Spiritsman) 5/17/20/–OREGON’S 503 DISTILLERY ADDS TO LINE OF CRAFT COCKTAILS 503 DISTILLING COMPANY out of Oregon has added Five-O-Tea to its line of canned craft cocktails which now amounts to four. They have also added California, Idaho and Washington to their distribution network and if you live in these states then we strongly advise you to check them out.

The first one we tried was the WICKED MULE, consisting of 503 Vodka, with fresh lime and ginger and infusing it with a homemade ginger syrup and then adding carbonation. This drink of course has to be consumed in the classic copper mug and we particularly enjoyed the strong ginger element in the mix that won a bronze medal at the 2019 American Distilling Institute’s Spirits competition. Each pack contains four cans. and the vodka used in the Wicked Mule is using fresh water from the Cascades region. The vodka incidentally is distilled 10 times.

The BLOOD ORANGE GREYHOUND also consists of the vodka with grapefruit juice peel and grapefruit essence and then it is blended with fresh blood orange puree, grapefruit juice and lime. This drink was the winner of a double gold medal at an awards ceremony we are not overly familiar with, the Sip NW Magazine Best of the Northwest 2019


LA VIDA MOCHA takes advantage of the ice-coffee craze with cocktails and combines cold brew coffee from the Riff company out of Bend, Oregon, with Mexican chocolate and cinnamon infused-rum. Just serve it cold over Ice but this is more of a winter drink than for the upcoming summer months.

The new brew on the block is the FIVE-O-TEA and that features 503 Vodka with 30 lbs of loose-leaf tea, freshly squeezed lemons and a tea-infused syrup.

The company also puts out GAMBLER 500 Whisky that is aged for five years in American Oak barrels. It is a blend of rye and corn-mashed whisky that is blended on site down from 125 proof down to a drinkable 80 proof with fresh water from the Cascade range.

This whisky was created by 503 in order to help the clean up of trash and debris in the National Forest lands throughout the country.

The company was founded in 2017 in Oregon City by three industry professionals and they have put a lot of energy into the packaging and we wish them well in California, which can be a make or break scenario for many fledgling liquor brands.

If you want to visit the distillery when things return to normal they are

located at 275 Beavercreek Road in Oregon City.