The Black Grouse Scotch Whisky Bloody Mary

  Michael Hepworth   HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)5/22/15/–With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday June 21st), we had to share this amazing Scotch Whisky Bloody Mary recipe that all Dads can enjoy on their special day. It’s a really easy DIY brunch recipe that everyone can indulge in for an at-home celebration. Here is the recipe: To […]

Snow Leopard Vodka launches in LA

    Michael Hepworth     Snow Leopard Vodka launches in LA     By Cheri Fox  HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)4/7/15/–Snow Leopard Vodka launched in LA May 5, 2015 , with a private reception at the trendy Eveleigh restaurant ; the party was filled with exclusive spirits media , and distributors The menu included several cocktails including the […]