The Official NBA Signature Champagne “A Toast to Les Jeux”


Michael Hepworth


Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)4/15/12/—After much deliberation the NBA has elected to adopt a World Class Champagne of its own. Champagne is a celebration not just a beverage and is a part of major events of life. To name a few, Welcoming the New Year, The birth of Children, Launching of ships, Elections of Presidents and Birthday Parties, Celebrating the big “5-0”

Great care was taken to select the finest quality Champagne from the Champagne region of France, That has been enjoyed  there for centuries. this is the first presentation of this fine champagne outside of Europe. This elegant selection was made by Etienne Delpech from a family known for its superior knowledge of Vineyards and Excellence since 1777. The balance is created by the use of 25% Chardonnay and 75% Pinot Noir Grapes combined with some family secrets that achieve its exceptional taste.

The NBA has given this closely held secret the opportunity to represent the Best of Basketball with something new to the world of markets from one of the most finest Vineyards of France and Invites you to join in the celebration with one of the worlds finest Champagnes.

“A Toast to Les Jeux”

Michael Hepworth

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