Napa Hills Enriched Water Beverage 10 times antioxidants than drinking a glass of wine





West Hollywood (Spiritsman) 11/10/10–Ellona, the founder of Napa Hills Antioxidant Enriched Water a drink that will provide  the benefits of red wine without the alcohol sugar calories . I lost my father from  drinking and cancer  I wanted to create a drink that would be helping people live healthier lives. and help the environment. My mission is to make Napa Hills Water accessible and affordable for everyone we share our story heart-to-heart when we want to make a difference in the world and accelerate the transition to blend base consumption of fruits and beverages

 Napa Hills  is a heart healthy water it has M10 times antioxidants than drinking a glass of wine  having no alcohol or any sugar  and having no calories in it. Napa Hills Water is a by-product of wine making and Napa Hills water is process it into Vita Rez and when fuse crew flavored water with this delicious heart healthy ingredients without the sugar alcohol or calories it is called Napa Hills because the  grapes grow on the top  of Napa they’re closer to the Sun so they get more Sun damage therefore more respectful content here yet  therefore the names called Napa Hills.

 Crazy flavors are amazing plant base all natural mixer with the bartenders have used  Napa Hills waters by mixing it with Tito’s vodka 2 parts vodka one part beach brizio  masking alcohol really well and adds a delicious hint of flavor because the virus binds to the molecular of alcohol so its highs that bitterness of alcohol creeds delicious peach flavor and conrac’s the effect of alcohol damage on your heart health because it contains was very tall cherry Jose  is amazing flavors amazing if you want to make a refresh and cenchrea you can add cherry rose also.

I’m a little bit of wine white wine lemon curd Napa Hills is great for margarita perfect plan based calorie free sugar free friendly diabetic drink for Quito janick diet for anybody who watches their calories intake but that enjoys they heart healthy it’s not by hills water that is also a great mixer and contains the health benefits of red wine without the alcohol sugar calories.

We have 2 different flavors here with us we have the cherry rose a and we have the peach crucia  this is one of the Studies indicate sever health benefits from the antioxidant found in red wine at Napa Hills we enrich purified water with  our proprietary blend of the same antioxidants but without the alcohol sugar or calories are refreshing rose day at cherry was a is inspired by the Napa Valley rosy with the hands of cherry and pomegranate not by hills water beverages are alcohol free enjoy daily and






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