Alcohol Inspired Refresher “AIR” Water + Alcohol Carbonated sparkling water-based alcoholic beverage


Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)8/2/12/—And for the latter, Air — or “Alcohol Inspired Refresher” — is a boozy revelation. It’s the world’s first sparkling water-based alcoholic beverage, nearly odorless and tasteless.

Crack open a can and pour it over ice and it’s basically indistinguishable from a glass of seltzer, with no alcoholic aroma at all. In addition to plain “club,” you can also get Air in two very subtle flavors, berry and citrus.

Weighing in at only 4% alcohol and 95 calories – about a third of a normal cocktail – a single can of the malt-based Air can’t get you too smashed. But since it drinks like water, it’s terribly easy to “hydrate” yourself blotto.

Michael Hepworth

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