George Clooney’s CASAMIGOS TEQUILA 100% Agave Azul


Michael Hepworth


CASAMIGOS TEQUILA Anejo 100% Agave Azul

Tequila that Can Stand Alone


By Kay Schroeder


HOLLYWOOD (Spiritsman) 2/25/17–Rande Gerber, Mike Meldman and superstar actor, George Clooney set out to produce the ultimate premium tequila using only the finest 100% Blue Weber agaves. Their goal was to make the best tasting, smoothest tequila that could stand alone without the use of salt, lime, or any other addition. They chose the Highlands of the state of Jalisco, Mexico for its rich red clay and cool climate as the ideal place to grow these superior agaves.


Casamigos Tequila is produced in three classes: Blanco, Reposada, and Anejo. Today we will be reviewing the Anejo.

The first thing I noticed about this tequila was what it was not. It was not clear in color, it was a golden caramel color. Casamigos Anejo Tequila has been described as having the taste of roasted agave, caramel, cocoa powder, salt, white pepper, bell pepper, and a touch of oak. Producers attribute the superior taste and smoothness to several key factors in the production of this premium tequila, such as roasting the agave pinas in a clay oven for 72 hours, using their own proprietary yeast, and their unrushed fermentation period of 80 hours.

Judging from the reviews I have read online, customers who bought Anejo were very satisfied – they all gave it a 5 Star Rating.

A friend and I were fortunate enough to taste Anejo last week. Our evaluation was: A very smooth and wonderful caramel/vanilla flavor. We both agreed that we loved this tequila straight, no additions (salt nor lime) needed.

It is truly a stand-alone tequila!  


Photography: Tom Wright


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