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Creator of Breast Cancer Research Stamp Partners with El Dorado Winery



Sacramento, Calif.(Spiritsman)10/25/15/– – Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards is partnering with Dr. Ernie Bodai, founder of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp and Cure Breast Cancer, Inc., to launch the Cure Series, a series of limited release wines created to support breast cancer research. Proceeds from the Cure Series will be donated to Cure Breast Cancer, Inc., which helps fund research and educational outreach across the United States.

“Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards has made a commitment to finding a cure for breast cancer by donating a significant portion of their profits to the cause,” said Dr. Bodai. “I’m grateful for their support and believe this project can make a tremendous impact in educating people and raising funds for research.”


The goal of the Cure Series is to help raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection, while also generating funds that help support research. Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards has committed to donate a portion of proceeds from all Cure Series products to Cure Breast Cancer, Inc.

The Cure Series will initially consist of two limited production wines: a 2013 Amador County Reserve Barbera and a 2013 El Dorado Zinfandel. The winery plans on expanding production and including additional varietal offerings down the road.

Dr. Bodai Cure Breast Cancer, Inc.
Dr. Bodai Cure Breast Cancer, Inc.

“I’m excited to partner with Dr. Bodai and this wonderful organization to launch the Cure Series,” said Charles Mitchell, owner of Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards. “I believe this collaboration has the potential to take off and do a lot of good. We’re already working to identify special lots from this year’s harvest to expand production of the Cure Series over the next few years.”

Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards will also simultaneously launch Club for the Cure, a quarterly wine club featuring Cure Series wines, a signed copy of Dr. Bodai’s I Flunked My Mammogram! book and Breast Cancer Research Stamps, among other benefits. The wine club will provide a foundation for expanding the Cure Series in the future, while also serving as a channel for Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. to provide important education on a disease that affects 1 in 8 women each year, according to the nonprofit


“Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. is thrilled and honored to partner with Charles B Mitchell Vineyards,” said Joe Whalen, Marketing Manager for Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. “The partnership is a perfect fit in helping us reach adults, especially women ages 21-54, on the importance of annual screenings. It also serves as a great fundraising effort that will provide us with resources for additional educational outreach across the U.S.”

“I’m proud my passion for winemaking can serve as a platform for helping and educating people on potentially life-saving procedures,” said Mitchell. “As a winemaker for nearly 25 years, I would be thrilled if my enduring legacy was that I made a significant contribution toward finally putting an end to this terrible disease.”

The idea for the Cure Series was inspired by the continuing success of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp, which has made significant strides in raising funds for research since it was released as the first fundraising stamp in U.S. history. The Stamp has sold over 980 million units and raised nearly $81 million for breast cancer research since it was issued in 1998; it was recently reissued through 2019 by the U.S. Senate through a unanimous vote on September 23, 2015. The Cure Series follows in the Stamp’s footsteps as a social impact product and hopes to produce a similar effect.

“This stamp provides the opportunity for any American to make a small contribution in order to make a big difference in the fight against breast cancer,” said Senator Enzi (R-Wyo), who introduced the Stamp’s reauthorization bill. “By passing this bill, Congress can ensure that this research will continue to be there to help the hundreds of thousands of women who will be diagnosed in the future.”

Funding raised by the Stamp has led to multiple advances in breast cancer treatment, such as 3D breast imaging for improved early detection and nanotechnology (miniaturization), which now allows for the delivery of targeted therapies specifically at the cancer cells, eliminating many of the major side effects of past chemotherapy treatments, including loss of hair, infections, fatigue and even death.

Dr. Bodai and Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards partnered with Insight Public Relations to create a design for the Cure Series that pays tribute to the Breast Cancer Research Stamp and raises awareness for annual screenings. Featuring a clean, minimalist look, the wine labels prominently display an outline of the Stamp, which depicts Diana, the Roman goddess and protector of women, reaching behind her head and pulling an arrow from her quiver to fend off an enemy. The image of Diana reflects the same position that a woman assumes for a breast self-exam and mammography.

“We wanted to create a design in the likeness of the Stamp, but with its own story and distinct elements,” said Tim Harris, CEO of Insight Public Relations. “The design adopts the outline and symbolism of the Stamp, while adding a range of watermark colors that reflect how breast cancer is something that affects us all.”

The Cure Series is scheduled for a winter 2015 release and is currently available for pre-order at and at the winery’s tasting room in Fair Play, California.

Dr. Bodai is the founder of Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. and the Breast Cancer Research Stamp,
Dr. Bodai is the founder of Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. and the Breast Cancer Research Stamp,

About Dr. Ernie Bodai
Dr. Bodai is the founder of Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. and the Breast Cancer Research Stamp, which has sold over 980 million units and raised nearly $81 million in funding for research. After emigrating to the U.S. from Hungary, Dr. Bodai received his B.A and M.S. degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles and his M.D. degree from the University of California, Davis in 1977, where he currently serves as Clinical Professor of Surgery. Dr. Bodai served as Chief of Surgery, Kaiser Permanente Sacramento for 15 years and today directs the Breast Health Center at the Kaiser Permanente Sacramento, which has been recognized nationally as a “Center of Excellence.” He has authored over 250 medical articles and has published five books, four of which focus on cancer.



About Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards
Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards embodies the pioneering spirit rooted in Sierra Foothills history, producing an array of innovative wines that include 12 unique, vineyard-designated Zinfandels. Inspired by classic Americana culture, the winery offers guests an adventure in the Sierra Foothills that features private vineyard walks, barrel tastings and endless culinary enjoyment.

About Cure Breast Cancer, Inc.
Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. (CBC) is a national, nonprofit organization committed to bringing breast health awareness and education to all women and their families. Working through a group of dedicated volunteers, CBC has consistently returned over 90% of all contributions to the community through its programs and services.