By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)4/3/12/—The concept here has been tried many times here and the latest company to give it a shot is VnC Cocktails from New Zealand (NZ). The company was launched in 2007, but now they are looking to invade the U.S. market.

Many hours of bar hopping and trying the right recipe over and over by the company founders has resulted in a series of one drink cocktails that are exceptionally refreshing and quite potent as well. You will not need a bunch of these a night to get in the right mood, and with only five in the collection so far, I am anxious to await the next release.

I tried two of them, the Vodka Mojito and the Pomegranate Cosmo, and they were both so good that the Vodka Strawberry Daiquiri and the Vodka Banana Daiquiri are already on my radar. They even come with a plastic glass cup, so are perfect to carry with you for any event and are easy to carry in your jacket pocket or handbag.

The Vodka Mojito consists of the premium NZ vodka along with mint and lime juice sourced especially from the West Indies. Nothing is done to the fruit except a lot of squeezing so that the juice retains its natural cloudiness and crisp flavor.

The Pomegranate Cosmo is jammed with the two anti-oxidant fruits, pomegranate and cranberry. The pomegranates have been sourced from Turkey, and the cranberry comes from Chile, selected because of its bright color and rich flavor. For a sugar rim pour the sugar onto a small plate, run a slice of lime along the glass and dip into the sugar.

They even do a VNC Margarita containing orange triple sec liqueur, lemon and lime juice and blanco tequila. Not sure at this stage where to buy these outstanding cocktails. I do know however that the cocktails have been showing up a lot recently in the hands of camera junkie actresses and models at numerous Hollywood events, so clearly the founders think they have a product that is slick and sexy enough to capture the attention ofthat notoriously fickle crowd.

They might be right.


Michael Hepworth

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