By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(Spiritsma)2/5/12/—This is a rather unique liqueur that is a blend of macerated mandarin peels and ten year old aged cognac. The makers claim that the roots of this drink date back all the way to Napoleon Bonaparte, and that it was custom made for the emperor. Apparently he came across the famous Belgian chemist Antoine Francois de Fourcray who was known for his skills in the art of distilling. This liqueur was kept in private hands until 1892 when it was finally released to the public in Belgium and Northern France.

Napoleon was actually from Corsica where mandarins are known to be exceptional, so it is natural for him to have loved this drink so much after his initial meeting with de Fourcray in 1806.

Currently available in over 100 countries, the brand has seriously launched a campaign for American consumers, and is a useful addition to any well stocked bar. It has a much smoother taste than the majority of other citrus based liqueurs, and as a result the recipe remains a well kept secret. There is also a hint of nutmeg, cinnamon and marmalade, and overall the liqueur adds body, freshness and spice to any cocktail.

They also have a limited edition XO where the cognac has been oak-aged for 30 years and the grapes are from Grande Champagne. Every year the production run is different, with the most recent run only producing 900 sought after bottles.

Mandarine Napoleon was acquired in 2008 by De Kuyper Royal Distillers from Holland, and rather ironically is produced in an abbey about 30 miles south of the site of the battlefield (Waterloo) where Napoleon was eventually defeated by the English and the Dutch Armies.

Four Arnold Holstein pot stills are used in the distillation process which is able to take place at a lower temperature which keep the flavors intact. A unique cooling system is implemented to optimize fermentation, and when ready goes to the De Kuyper production plant in Holland for blending and bottling.


40 ml Mandarine Napoleon

20 ml Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

1 slice orange

1 slice cucumber

1 raspberry

1 strawberry

Top up with Prosecco or Champagne

Pour all ingredients into a large wine glass with ice, and stir. Fill up with champagne/prosecco.


Michael Hepworth

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