CVR/Wines of Tejo (Portugal) to Introduce Distinctive Wines in Chicago and San Francisco


Michael Hepworth



CVR/Wines of Tejo (Portugal) to Introduce Distinctive Wines in Chicago and San Francisco September 15-17, 2015




New York, NY(Spiritsman)10/24/15 — Members of the U.S. media and wine trade will explore a wide variety of distinctive, native varietal red and white wines from the historic Portuguese region of Tejo during luncheon seminars in Chicago and San Francisco on September 15th and September 17th, respectively, hosted by the Tejo Regional Wine Commission, Portugal (Comissão Vitivinícola Regional do Tejo/CVR Tejo).
The immersive pairing luncheons and seminars are intended to educate and create awareness for the wines, as well as introduce the region to new potential importers and distributors to build the region’s U.S. distribution. These seminars follow a recent, successful importer and media trip to the Tejo region.  CVR/Wines of Tejo also hosted highly successful wine pairing luncheons in New York and Boston in May 2015.
The intimate educational seminars for a limited number of trade and media in Chicago (September 15) and San Francisco (September 17) will highlight the characteristic diversity of Tejo’s terroir as reflected in its wines.  Master Sommelier Eric Entrikin will introduce wines, with a focus on the area’s indigenous grapes, from this historic Portuguese region that is steeped in culture and heritage.
It is a new age of discovery for the vineyards of Tejo, one of Portugal’s oldest wine regions and an area that is part of the global movement to identify and preserve local grape varieties.  The current U.S. initiative reflects the increased popularity of Tejo wines as authentic, high-value and high-quality products — with increased distribution nationally of red and white wines by 19 producers currently active in the U.S.
To complement their trade and media educational efforts, the Commission has launched a communications platform that features a new website ( tailored for U.S. trade and consumer audiences, including maps, technical notes, useful statistics and marketing materials, all highlighting the Tejo region’s distinctive cultural and viticultural landscape.
Comissão Vitivinícola Regional do Tejo (CVR Tejo), known in the United States as Wines of Tejo, is an organization that oversees the viticultural and vinification practices of over 80 producers from the region.  Nestled in the heart of Portugal along the banks of the Tejo River, which stretches from just beyond the Spanish border to the Atlantic Ocean at Lisbon, the Tejo region has been producing wines from native Portuguese varietals since the Middle Ages. 
The Tejo River’s breadth and strength elementally impact the soil and climate of the region, deeply defining the region’s terroir. These wines embody the enthusiasm, commitment and collaborative nature of its producers, and reflect the unique terroir and winemaking heritage of the Tejo region.