“The Artistry of Alberta Dark Batch Whisky”



Michael Hepworth



“The Artistry of Alberta Dark Batch Whisky”


The Facts Tell the Story


By Michael Cohan


HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)9/2/15/–There is no subtle way to begin to explain a long family story about the newest whisky from the #1 rye producers of North America. Known as the most stubborn and detailed oriented distilleries of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alberta Distillers Ltd was formed in 1946 to create a balanced and flavorful blend of rye whiskeys. The master distillers have perfected their craft as they continue to push their “rye envelope” and come up with not just another rye but better rye. They have almost a half million barrels aging on their premises at one time.


Released in 2015, Alberta Dark Batch Rye Whiskey is a true expression of the master artisans who have been producing rye for almost 70 years. These crafters have taken their skill and knowledge to a new level, not only creating a blend of rye, bourbon, and sherry, but by beginning with a blend of rye whiskeys to produce their consummate end result.

Distilled and blended in small batches in a pot still and a separate column still, they blend their two rye whiskeys together after years of barrel aging. Unlike many of their northern competitors, the Dark Batch creators do not keep their magical blend a secret. The finished whisky is 91% rye, 8% bourbon, and 1% sherry. This is a classic true rye recipe (not Canadian) focusing on the rye while incorporating the uses of the bourbon and sherry for additional overtones.

Rye whiskey can actually refer to two types of rye whiskey. The American rye must be distilled from 51% rye. On the other hand, Canadian whiskey is a corn or wheat base that utilizes rye, sherry, and other spirits as flavor accents. It is often referred to as rye whiskey for historical reasons although it may not actually include any rye in its production process. The major distinction is that the artistry of Dark Batch is in the “Canadian master of blending.”


The smoothness and texture are stunningly delicious on the nose, palate, and finish. Sampled neat, the release of finely crafted flavors burst out! The warm and soothing nature of the liquor bathes your senses! Accolades are many among the whiskey connoisseurs, “Dark Batch is a spicier more robust whiskey it quickly makes believers out of people,” writes author Devin De Kergommeaux. “A smooth and mixable blend is characteristic of a fine Canadian whiskey with a hint of spice found only in rye whiskey.”


Dan Tullio, the Northern American Whiskey Ambassador adds, “Alberta Rye Dark Batch Whiskey combines contemporary flavors trending with classic notes of premium rye whiskey offering a one-of-a-kind taste with a robust and sophisticated flavor.” And in the words of the immortal folk singer, Pete Seeger, circa 1960 song called, “Whiskey, rye whiskey” sings “Rye whiskey, rye whiskey, rye whiskey I cry, if you don’t give me rye whiskey I surely will die!”




45% alcohol/volume 90 proof

Total Wine & More $27.99/750 ml bottle

Note that Dark Batch is the U.S. release of Alberta Premium Dark Horse Whiskey which is avail in other markets





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