The 33rd annual San Diego Zoo Food and Wine Celebration

Michael Hepworth

By David Wexler

San Diego,CA(Spiritsman)10/30/13/–The 33rd annual San Diego Zoo Food and Wine Celebration was held on September 21st. The event had all of the best ingredients… animals, cocktails, culinary, live music and a view from the Skyride.


Whether you’re a foodie or wine, liquor or beer enthusiast, this was the event of the year with over 150 vendors. With several stages setup for live music, performances included the Bayou Brothers, Michael Bowman, Misdirection and Nancarrow.









This year, the event supports endangered animals and their habitats through the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. The Food and Wine Celebration was started as Kicks for Critters in 1980 by Rolf Benirschke, San Diego Chargers place-kicker, to raise money to support the San Diego Zoo’s conservation research effort










Joan Embery and her animal friends were there to perform an animal show for all to see.  For the gambler, there was a Critter Casino included black jack, poker, roulette and craps tables and a chance to win prizes. Chips could be exchanged for drawing tickets







 Photographer, Mike Fendt


Michael Hepworth

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