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HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)6/26/13/–For those of you who really know their music, Fever Tree were a Hoiston basedPsychedelic group who did one great album and who never got the recognition they deserved. Today Fever Tree is a rapidly growing cocktail mixer, and a lively challenger to the domination of Canada Dry and Schweppes, that started out in the UK in 2005.

It all started out when a tonic tasting took place led by Charles Rolls, a man who build his reputation running Plymouth Gin, possibly the best gin around. Joining forces with Tim Warrilow, he discovered that the use of preservatives, low quality aromatics and artificial sweeteners had become close to a liquid style epidemic.

So in 2004 they began creating mixers using natural and fresh ingredients such as ginger from Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Cochin, India, and Quinine from the Congo. Prices are slightly higher than the well known brands, but bartenders and liquor writers in the know to name but a few, have embraced the concept of Fever Tree.















Nine years later, they have nine different mixers stocked in over 20 countries. Sourcing the ingredients begins with Quinine which is actually product derived from the bark of the Cinchona tree. Known as a cure for malaria and other fevers, it was first used by British troops in 1820 in India as a source for tonic water. The last remaining plantation exists in the Eastern Congo, and can only be harvested once every eight years.












Ginger is prevalent in the Fever Tree Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Ginger Beer light. Nigerian ginger is sought after primarily for its intensity of flavor, whilst Indian ginger tends to have an earthy and chocolate flavor which is a perfect complement to the quinine.

Lemons from Sicily are used in the Bitter Lemon and Sparkling Lemon mixers mainly Because lemons from that part of the world are considered near the top of the rankings.












Sfumatrice equipment extracts the oils from the lemons by squeezing and pressing the peels of the fruit. Finally the Mediterranean tonic includes oils of citrus and herbs that have been gathered from the shores of the ocean, and lemon thyme and rosemary with a floral flavor have been sourced from Provence.

Tonic Water is their best seller and is a blend of botanical oils, fresh spring water and top of the line quinine. There is a sharp and clean taste when it is drunk by itself, and in a gin or vodka there are subtle citrus and fruit notes balanced by the bitterness of the quinine and the light sweetness of cane sugar.

You should be thirsty enough after reading this, so head on down to your local bar and insist on a Fever Tree based cocktail from your bartender, or pick up a case or two from the local BEVMO store and enjoy.









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