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HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)6/3/13/–Now for something completely different-Mama Walker’s Breakfast-inspired 70 proof liqueurs now on the way to you from drinks giant Pernod Ricard at $12.99 a pop. There are three to choose from-Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake and Glazed Donut.








Created by the team at Hiram Walker, they are banking on nostalgia for these to take off in an already crowded market, and of course the American obsession with breakfast. The packaging and design of the bottles also gives the brand that fifties look, and are designed to give the bar or cocktail cabinet that old fashioned look.

Brand ambassadors for this new twist are the mixologist team of Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark who can be seen on the Cooking Channel with their show Unique Sweets and Classy Ladies. They have come up with some cocktails and recipes designed for the mixologist who wants to spend less time behind the bar and more time socializing with friends.








The Maple Bacon is a woodsy flavored drink with a faint touch of smokiness and a touch of maple sweetness. The Blueberry Pancake is sweeter with a touch of blueberry and traces of maple syrup and butter. The Glazed Donut is a lot sweeter with a touch of vanilla.

The pair of retro mixologists have been hired by Mama Walker specifically to create some kitschy cocktails with these drinks which can be drunk straight or for mixing in cocktails.





Mama’s Sunday Brunch Cocktail :

1 part Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon

1 part fresh orange juice

Sparkling wine

Add Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon and orange juice in shaker w/ice, shake. Strain into

champagne flute and top with sparkling wine.

Mama’s Coffee & Donuts :

2 parts Mama Walker’s Glazed Donut

½ part Kahlua

Add ingredients to shaker and shake with ice, strain into a chilled shot glass and serve

 Mamasjito :

2 part Mama Walker’s Blueberry Pancake

6-8 blueberries

10 fresh mint leaves

1 part simple syrup

½ lime cut into wedges

club soda

Muddle the mint, blueberries and lime wedges and syrup in shaker. Add Mama Walker’s Blueberry pancake and ice and shake hard. Strain into a highball glass with fresh ice and top w/club soda


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