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HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)5/28/13/–Whiplash Wines are a division of Reata Wines in Napa, and the new 2011 Chardonnay is released June 2013. The production numbers run to 15,698 cases and the vinification process takes place in stainless steel barrels before being fermented and aging. Alcohol content is 13.9% by volume, and the prime aromas for this wine are green apple, citrus and diced orange peel. There is also a touch of clove on the finish, and overall this is 2 a very lively and crisp wine. Retail price is $13.99






The Whiplash 2009 Redemption is a hyper blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Barbera and has a strong aroma of cherries and strawberries on the nose. There are also flavors of currants, sassafras and huckleberry, and this is a very acceptable and versatile wine. The accolades have been coming for this wine, including gold medals at the San Francisco International Wine Competition and the Los Angeles International Wine Competition.












The wine was released in October 2011 with 22,000 cases produced and with Syrah being the dominant grape (65%) and at $11 a bottle, an absolute steal.

Reata Wines on the other hand are more pricey with the Chardonnay going for $20 and the Pinot Noir for $30. The Chardonnay is a well balanced wine with aromas ranging from caramel crème Brule to coconut. There is also a strong citrus flavor in the wine and the best food pairings would be with salmon in a butter sauce or chicken and pork with a cream based sauce. Recent honors for this wine have been Double Gold Awards at the 2012 NextGen Wine Competition and Platinum at the 2012 Monterey Wine Competition. Aging for this wine was 63% in French Oak for up to ten months and 37% in Stainless Steel. Only 11,500 cases have been produced and the wine was released in October 2011.

The Pinot Noir is a bit of a classic with hints of dark cherries, raspberries and spice. Lush and well balanced, this Pinot Noir goes well with a variety of foods like fish, pork, chicken or beef that have been seasoned with scented green herbs such as rosemary and oregano. Pairs well also with pasta dishes ad soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert.








The price is based on the smaller run of 5,995 cases, and the wine was aged entirely in neutral and new French Oak for 14 months and this wine has the potential to be kept in your cellar for up to ten years.














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