Brokers London Dry-Gin “World’s Best” Chairman’s Trophy Winner Ultimate Spirits Challenge



By Michael Hepworth

Los Angeles,CA(Spiritsman)8/28/11/—Here is a gin that comes highly touted as the “World’s Best Gin” from the makers of course. The people at Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire, Plymouth, Tanqueray and Oxley might have something to say about that, but in all honesty Whitley Neill remains my favorite. However the list of awards for Broker’s is impressive, such as Gold Medal at International Spirits Competition (Germany 2009) and the Masters Award at Gin Masters (London 2008).

More recently, Broker’s was the Chairman’s Trophy Winner at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge (New York 2010) racking up a whopping 97 points beating out such luminaries as Beefeater(96), Citadelle Reserve, Tanqueray and the excellent Plymouth who all had 93 points.

Produced in numerous sizes and 47% volume, Broker’s is a gin that will go to your head pretty quickly. The concept started out in 1998 and it was introduced to the USA market in 2001. Distillation takes place just outside Birmingham, UK,.in a 200 year old distillery using a copper pot-still, and Broker’s is distilled five times.The fact that there is an underground spring beneath the plant allows for crystal clear water, imperative in gin making. There are only six gin distilleries left in the UK, and this used to be a thriving industry. What it does mean is that the distillers who work on this gin have decades of experience, meaning the end result should always be top notch.

The raw ingredients for Broker’s are quadruple distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat, and ten natural botanicals that are marinated, and then boiled in the base spirit to produce richness of aroma and depth of flavour: They are Juniper, Coriander Seed (Bulgaria), Cinnamon (Madagascar), Cassia Bark (China), Orris (Italy), Nutmeg (India), Liquorice (Sri Lanka), Lemon Peel, Orange Peel (Spain) and Angelica Root (Belgium or France). The Broker’s people are quite proud of the fact that no oddball ingredients are used in production, making this a relatively straightforward gin which is what a lot of gin drinkers prefer.

Worldwide domination for this gin is the aim of managing director Andy Dawson, and sales all over the world seem to be on the up, despite overall sales of all gins remaining surprisingly static. The packaging for Brokers is also quite creative, with a bowler hat replacing the normal screw cap. Price is very good for a premium gin making it very good value.

Retail price $20-22

Selected Recipe: Broker’s Promise

2 parts Brokers Gin

2 parts Cranberry Juice

1 part lemon-lime soda

2 sliced strawberries

Put strawberries in old fashioned glass. Cover w/ice cubes. Add Gin, cranberry

Juice and lemon/lime soda. Stir gently.

Michael Hepworth

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