Vivanco Viura-Tempranillo Blanco-Maturana Blanca A unique wine in the world




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A unique wine in the world


Spain (Spiritsman)4/27/17/-Vivanco Viura-Tempranillo Blanco-Maturana Blanca. The first wine in Rioja, and in the whole world, to be made with this unique blend. Using traditional Viura as a basis and main variety (50%), the wine includes, for the first time, two minority grapes which are exclusive to Rioja: Tempranillo Blanco and Maturana Blanca. The three varieties come from estate-owned vineyards grown by the Vivanco family in different terroirs across Rioja.


50% VIURA: The main white grape variety grown in Rioja, it produces fruity wines with floral aromas and remarkable acidity, ideal for making both young and aged whites. Our Viura vineyards are located in Briones, Rioja Alta.

35% TEMPRANILLO BLANCO: This grape variety comes from a natural genetic mutation found in a single cane of a red Tempranillo vine, discovered in an old vineyard in Murillo de Río Leza (La Rioja) in 1988. It has a fruity, intense aroma of bananas, citrus fruit and tropical fruit with floral notes. It does not exist anywhere else in the world.

15% MATURANA BLANCA: It is the oldest grape variety to have a written record in Rioja, being mentioned in a text dating to 1622. Maturana Blanca wines are a greenish yellow, with fruity aromas of apples, bananas and citrus fruit underscored by grassy notes. It does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Tempranillo blanco and Maturana Blanca, an indigenous, minority white grapes that are exclusive to the DOCa Rioja. Bodegas Vivanco is a pioneer in the use of this grapes varieties, which gives this white wine a unique personality.


Estate-owned vineyards in Briones, Rioja Alta (Viura, Tempranillo blanco and Maturana blanca) with a marked Atlantic influence, and Tudelilla, Eastern Rioja, in a vineyard at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level in the Sierra Carbonera (Tempranillo blanco and Maturana blanca).


The Tempranillo blanco and Maturana blanca during the second week in September and Viura, at the end of the month. Picked by hand and taken in small crates. All the grapes are placed in a cold room for 24 hours before being processed on the sorting table.


Each grape variety is vinified separately. After a brief cold maceration of the whole grape clusters (between 10-12 hours), the free-run must is fermented in small stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures (12-15 °C) to retain its full varietal expression. The wines remain in contact with their lees in stainless steel tanks for 4 months to preserve the varietal aromas against oxidation and give them greater harmony and unctuousness in mouth.



Our bottle is inspired in an original eighteenth-century bottle that is on exhibit at the Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine.


Pale-yellow with green hues; clean and bright. To the nose it proves expressive, intense and complex, with aromas of citrus fruit, green apples and white peaches, underscored by elegant floral hints. Very fresh and well-balanced in the mouth, enticing one to drink and enjoy.


Serving temperature: 6-10 °C. Ideal for wine by the glass, as a standalone appetiser or with all types of tapas. It is a good choice to enjoy with mild rice dishes, all types of salads, white meats, cold creams, fish and shellfish.


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