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HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)11/29/16—.If you are a whisky afficianado then the new book by English writer Dominic Roskrow called “Whisky Japan” should be on your Xmas stocking list. This is an impressive 288 page book that tells the story Of how a spirit of no interest or value to whisky drinkers is now the most sought after in the industry.

The author who lives in Norfolk in the UK has already written nine books on whisky, and the extensive research he had to do in Japan for this book sounds like an exciting venture. He points out that since 2001 Japanese Whisky has achieved cult status and distilleries can’t keep up with demand. Bars all over the world are now offering wide selections and they are winning many accolades and awards, and the myth and mystery of Japan fuels the growth.

The book is sectioned starting with how the whisky is made, leading Distilleries and personalities, tasting notes, the best bars in the world, food pairings and a lot more. The pictures and graphics in the book are stunning.

The change in fortune for Japanese Whisky started in 2006 with the introduction of The Yamakazi Single Malt aged 12 years and the Hibiki Blended Whisky. Suntory is by far the biggest producer in Japan and they have been greatly influenced by Scottish whisky as opposed to the Irish or American version. Many of the distilleries have been placed in areas with similar conditions to their Scottish counterparts.

They have also stayed close to the Scottish style of single malts and blended whiskies and by all accounts the Japanese have taken it even further. They Import the barley from Scotland and use barrels that were used for bourbon or sherry.

In Japan unlike Scotland, distilleries do not share spirits and keep their business secret from rivals. Demand is now so high, that some producers in Japan have been putting younger whiskies on the market, but the standards have remained high with the awards coming thick and fast.

The detailed information in the book of each whisky is thorough with detailed tasting notes, and it just makes you want to go out and try some of them at a whisky bar. For example I am keen to try the Chichibu Floor Malted 3 Year Old that comes from a new tiny distillery that uses Norfolk (UK) Barley and has a taste of cereal and sour fruits. If you like whisky or spirits in general this is a must buy preferably in advance of a distillery tour of Japan. Add that to your bucket list.



Whisky Japan

The Essential Guide to the World’s Most Exotic Whisky

Dominic Roskrow

  • Publication coincides with booming interest in Japanese whisky worldwide
  • Author is a well-respected authority on world whisky and the author of several previous books
  • This is the most comprehensive book in English on the subject of Japanese whisky
  • Author has done extensive research in Japan and abroad
  • Explains what makes Japanese whisky so special and sought-after
  • Profiles leading Japanese distilleries as well as key personalities and their philosophies of whisky making
  • Discusses traditions and new production innovations
  • Highlights the best bars around the world in which to taste Japanese whisky (including six in the U.S.)
  • Features a section on whisky cocktails and food pairings
  • Extensive tasting notes and bottle labels
  • Takes readers on a “tour” of Japanese whisky making, with practical tips on where to stay, what to eat, other attractions in the area
  • Clean attractive interior design; full color throughout; 500 photos and illustrations

$34.95 +S&H



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