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Hollywood, CA(Spiritsman)12/31/12/—Pink Pigeon Rum is new to the USA market having been launched in May 2012, about a year after its release in England by the venerable spirits company Berry Bros & Rudd.










This rum is not from Puerto Rico or Jamaica, but actually from Mauritius, and is a super Premium rum made from molasses and blended with handpicked bourbon vanilla. I liked this rum a lot which is named after the rare and endangered bird that is found off the coast of Africa.








The rum itself is made on the Medine Sugar Estate that was founded in 1926, and Although relatively recent by Puerto Rican standards, it is the oldest distillery on the island that is still in operation today. The liquid itself has a golden hue with an aroma of vanilla and spice with a touch of fresh zest and orange. This makes it a perfect rum to make Daiquiri’s or Mojito’s in particular, and the web site is a good source for basic to more advanced cocktails.





One of the key ingredients these days with the launch of a new spirit is the selection of the brand ambassador to promote the brand to media, restaurants, bars etc. Normally these characters are usually either well versed charismatic Scotsman or Irishman, or a pretty and smart female who knows how to party. Pink Pigeon’s ambassador is Kate Grutman, a woman who seems to have paid her dues in numerous watering holes, especially in Los Angeles, Ms. Grutman is now at Soho House Los Angeles check her out on Google.










Pink Mojito:

2 oz Pink Pigeon

8 mint leaves

Juice of lime

¼ oz simple syrup

1 ½ oz Cranberry Juice

Club Soda Topper

Build in a tall or rocks glass. Layer mint leaves first, then ice. Add other ingredients and stir. Top w/club soda as needed and garnish w/mint.

 Cuba Liberation:

2 oz Pink Pigeon

1.5 oz limejuice

.25 oz simple syrup

Coca Cola (Mexican preferred)

.25 oz Luxardo Fernet “float”

Add rum, lime juice and syrup to mixing glass w/shaker and lightly shake w/ice. Pour mixture into Collins glass over ice. Top with cola and pour Luxardo Fernet on top to float. Garnish w/[YUN1]  lime wheel and fresh mint sprig. Price $34.99 for 750 ml bottle (40% alcohol)




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