MUERTO Award Winning Resposado Tequila “Life Of The Party”











Michael Hepworth


By Michael Cohan

Hollywood, CA (Spiritsman)12/17/12/—The heart of this new agave have been “Baked to Death” in this aptly named new spirit, MUERTO Resposado tequila. This classic, full bodied tequila is chardonnay in color with an immediate nose of subtle vanilla. Its spicier bite delivers a lingering afterglow.








At first drink it hits the palate hard but finishes with sweet aromas that wrap you up much like its “Death Grip”!  Once uncorked, this fiesta of flavors culminates into a dessert like taste. The message in this bottle is just dying to get out, won’t you enjoy celebrating the end of the world with the Muerto?!

Muerto Tequila

Muerto Reposado – Smooth, round and slightly sweet – Warm with hints of vanilla – Deep gold – Bright.





2012 Spirits of Mexico Festival: Muerto Tequila Best wins two Gold medals in Class Reposado

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