Thailand Flights of Fancy “Sky Bars” creativity, quality and fresh ingredients

Thailand Flights of Fancy “Sky Bars”      By Elyse Glickman Bangkok(Spiritsman)11/10/11/—When it comes to Bangkok’s “Sky Bars” that top hotels and apartment complexes, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, quality and fresh ingredients. While many of the actual recipes are closely kept secrets, we stirred up our own versions at […]

Bangkok has it all, luxury shopping, spicy food, classy cocktails, dazzling culture and now has you

Thailand Has You Now Bangkok surprises with luxury shopping, bargain hunting, spicy food, a classy cocktail scene and dazzling culture; Thailand’s small towns abound with rustic charm.   By Elyse Glickman Bangkok(Spiritsman)11/10/11—Much of Thailand’s mystique lies in its food and the lush tropical landscape that begets its famed Thai Hom Mali rice (the rice formerly […]

South Africa’s Flavorful and Fragrant Cocktails with A Taste of Africa

Aromatic Africa   By Elyse Glickman South Africa(Spiritsman)11/10/11/—Flavorful and Fragrant Cocktails from South Africa Amarula Mint Star Kapama Lodge 2 oz Amarula Cream 1 oz White Rum (LLM recommends Tommy Bahama) 3 sprigs of fresh mint pinch fresh lemon zest crushed ice Lemon peel twist (optional) Muddle mint leaves gently with the back of a […]

South Africa: Goal Oriented, with distinctive wine, spirits, cuisine and multi-cultural outlook.

South Africa: Goal Oriented A year after the Soccer World Cup, the “New” South Africa still scores, thanks to its distinctive wine, spirits, cuisine and multi-cultural outlook.   By Elyse Glickman South Africa(Spiritsman)11/10/11/—Last summer, people were glued to their televisions during the Soccer World Cup in a way that transcended the action on the field. […]