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(New York, NY(Spiritsman) 5/13/19/– – May 9, 2019) – Camus Cognac launches the inaugural Shanghai Shake cocktail competition this year, as an international city-based challenge crafted to celebrate the world’s top bartenders and their ability to conceive of creative twists on Cognac-based mixology.

Shanghai Shake 2019 will involve a select number of cities worldwide, with Los Angeles, CA and Hoboken, NJ as the two main U.S. cities. The competition challenges bartenders on the East and West coasts to create Camus Cognac cocktails using high-quality ingredients to compliment Camus’ intensely aromatic flavors. The U.S. competition begins in May with one winner from each city moving on to battle it out in a “shake off” with the other global finalists in Shanghai, China at the beginning of September.

The 3 rules that apply to the contest are:

·      The main ingredient of each cocktail has to be part of Camus’ new range, of Very Special and VSOP, just launched in April;

·      Any twist should be in reference to a specific existing cocktail, recognized by the International Bartenders Association; and

·      The twist on a classic cocktail should entail the substitution of other spirits with Camus Cognac, along with modifying ingredients and textures, essentially creating a revisited recipe.

The participating bartenders to date in Los Angeles include: Scott Eton (Melrose Umbrella Co.), Chad Austin (Lono Hollywood), Alisa Berhorst (Mama Shelter LA), Jesse Peterson (Raised By Wolves), Derek J Mull (Coin-Op Game Room Gaslamp), Dave Purcell (Nomad Hotel LA) and bartenders from Chateau Marmont, The Cellar, Small Bar, Yamashiro LA and Republique. The participating bars in Hoboken are: The Winston, Pig & Prince, The Pharmacie, The Crosby, Montclair Social Club, Talde and Hudson & Co and Pier 115 The Ashford.

 About Camus

Founded in 1863, CAMUS is the largest family-run, independent Cognac House today, owned and operated by the Camus family for five generations.

CAMUS cultivates a passion for exceptional cognacs, using a patented, bespoke distillation process whereby the “heads” are extracted and tasted liter by liter, and a small portion of them – highly concentrated in aromas – are reintegrated into the heart of the distillate to produce Intensely Aromatic Cognacs. This method, unique to the House, creates flavor-rich cognacs, making CAMUS the most awarded cognac brand by international juries.


Under the leadership of Cyril Camus, the House of CAMUS now employs more than 300 people spread across eight countries and three continents and has subsidiaries in China and the United States, as well as local teams in Russia, China, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. Today CAMUS Wines & Spirits is an international independent distributor of a wide variety of premium third-party wines & spirits brands such as the Chinese national baijiu Kweichow Moutai in travel retail, Loudenne wines and Lambay Irish Whiskey, to name but a few.