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HOLLYWOOD (Spiritsman) 8/30/18/–Camus Cognac made a return visit to Hollywood a couple of weeks ago and Master Blender Frederick Dezauzier gave a master class of sorts to the assorted media and other industry experts who were in attendance.

I had met Frederick before about three years ago at a private dinner, and he is still waiting for me to accept his invitation to visit the Cognac region and explore the cellars of the Camus family.

The event was held at the trendy Mama Shelter in Hollywood at the rooftop bar with cognac retailers and distributors having a good time with the Cognac cocktails on offer as the seminar of sorts was going on.

For those of you not overly familiar with Camus, the brand was founded in 1863 and is currently the largest cognac brand to still be family owned and not some part of a massive conglomerate. More of the old school and less of the hip and trendy style of Cognac being pushed by well known rappers and hip hop artists, Camus has superb packaging and a quality and content that experts and aficionados have admired.


Today, Cyril Camus is the custodian of the brand, and the latest offering is The Camus XO Borderies Reserve. This is a single estate Cognac that is produced from the Camus family’s private vineyards. The estate is the largest in the Borderies area with the vineyards surrounded by forests in a wonderful setting that is naturally preserved. What that means is that the cultivation of the vineyards is ecologically maintained to preserve the  natural wildlife that exists in the immediate area.

Each barrel is unique with wines from different parcels of the vineyard that are distilled and aged in separate casks. During that very labor intensive ageing process, CAMUS ensures that every eau-de-vie is separated without blending them. This gives a free hand to the Master Blender who can then create this golden looking Single-Estate Cognac.

The tasting notes indicate very rich and complex aromas with a Hint of pastries and vanilla, perfect as an after dinner drink. It is also a very creamy drink that also has a touch of cinnamon and dried fruits in the nice long after taste where there are also hints of violet.

The awards for the CAMUS brand have come thick and heavy including a Gold medal at the 2017 San Francisco Spirits Festival.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine also gave CAMUS an impressive 97 ranking and this is reflected in USA sales that continue to increase at a slow and steady pace every year.


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