Golden Globes 75th anniversary GBK luxury lounge pours 24k Gold Blue Nun


This year GBK luxury Lounge pours 24k Gold Blue Nun in honor of 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.


Michael Hepworth


By Cheri Fox


Beverly Hills (Spiritsman) 1/8/18/–This year in honor of Golden Globes 75th anniversary GBK luxury lounge was held at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel  the presenting sponsor  24k- Blue Nun founded in 1789 Langguth Erben, is a family owned winery located in Mosel region of Germany run by the 7th generation Patrick Langguth.  Gifting the Blue Nun 24k gold edition this sparkling wine from Germany is slightly sweet refreshing and contains real 24K flakes. The 24K Gold Edition is a great aperitif its effervescence comes from an old fermentation process to highlight the natural bubbles, they also add genuine approved real 24k gold flakes.  Its great for celebrations like Golden Globes.

This year Hiro Gold Sake was gifting super premium Japanese sake. Hiro, is crafted Niigata Japan and is naturally gluten free, sulfite free and low in calories approximately 35 calories per serving .

Moraga Vineyard local private winery in Bel Air , California pouring their signature Moraga white and red as well as inviting wine and cheese tastings at the vineyard in Bel Air

“We are proud to be the ‘Vino Locale’ for Los Angeles as well as preservationists of our piece of rural California” – Founder, Thomas Jones

Moraga Vineyards is privately owned by Rupert Murdock and proud to be the local wine for Los Angeles, located in Bel Air, California on Moraga Drive.  This private local wine growing estate is located right in the Santa Monica Mountains at an elevation of 600 to 900 feet, five miles from the Pacific Ocean .

Actress Elizabeth Daily
From Emoji Movie. &
Avengers as Moonstone
Sips Wine fron local Bel Air, CA Moraga Vineyard at GBK GG luxury lounge 2018
Moraga Red Wine is one of there most popular produced from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a small amount of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Each lot is gently de-stemmed and lightly crushed directly into one-ton stainless steel open-top fermenters with complete temperature control.

They did have some recent damage from the California “Skirball Fires” had spread to the top of the vineyard and two small building at the top of the vineyard were damaged a loss of famous older vintages was reported and a building full of packaging accessories; The fire department helicopters came to the vineyards rescue and stopped any further damage, they are now back to fully functioning and planning private wine tastings in the spring.  Moraga Vineyard has a private tastings club

Moraga vineyard