Vermouth Routin Original Rouge produced in the French Alps town of Chambéry.


Michael Hepworth


Hollywood (Spiritsman) 11/29/17/–Launched mid September 2017: Distillerie des Alpes announced the U.S. launch of three exemplary releases from Vermouth Routin, one of just two remaining producers of Vermouth in the French Alps town of Chambéry.  Vermouth Routin is imported by Seattle’s Back Bar Project ( the exclusive U.S. importer of a collection of premium spirits that meet the U.S spirit industry’s demand for specialized, high-quality ingredients.

Vermouth Routin was founded in 1883 by Philibert Routin, who was one of many liqueur producers crafting vermouth in Chambéry, at the time a small village of about 15,000 people, in the Savoy region of the French Alps.  Chambéry’s location along the spice routes from Asia to Europe, resulted in availability of exotic spices and botanical ingredients. Combined with the Alpine herbs and plants growing readily in the nearby mountains, the options for creating unique recipes were endless. Competition was fierce, but Philibert soon distinguished himself for his imagination in creating aromatic elixirs and vermouths exploding with flavor.  Philibert’s Original Vermouth Rouge ultimately proved his genius, earning him a gold medal in London in 1902, putting Chambéry on the map.

Vermouth Routin Original Rouge (ABV 16.9 %) The original Vermouth made by Routin and true to the original recipe, Vermouth Routin Rouge has a burnished, claret-colored appearance with a light and floral start turning to darker notes of coffee and demerara at the finish. MSRP $22.99

Vermouth Routin Blanc (ABV 16.9 %) Also based on a very old recipe kept in the distillery, Vermouth Routin was re-introduced to production in 2015. It has a crystalline appearance with bright citrus and floral notes, a palate of softer fruits like melon and lychee and a fresh and lively yet balanced finish with notes of spice from thyme, wormwood and clove.  MSRP $22.99

Vermouth Routin Dry (ABV 16.9 %). It has a pale yellow straw appearance with prominent aromas of lemon peel, eucalyptus and rose petals and a hint of thyme at the start. Lemon and rose linger on the palate along with wormwood, rosemary, juniper and lemongrass. The finish is long and elegant. MSRP $22.99

Launched late August– Giffard, the esteemed family-owned French maker of cocktail-focused liqueurs, announces the U.S. launch of two exciting products through its U.S. importer, Back Bar Project.  Giffard Caribbean Pineapple and Giffard Fruit de la Passion are perfect examples of Giffard’s innovative capabilities.

These tropical flavors are ideal for the Tiki cocktail resurgence and resurgence of playful, tropical cocktails that highlight intense natural flavors above all else. Giffard Crème de Fruit de la Passion and Giffard Caribbean Pineapple are both available online through Astor Wine & Spirits. and are available via Back Bar Project’s distribution network.