New Scottish tequila company launches world’s first solely aged Speyside whisky cask tequilas


Michael Hepworth


New Scottish tequila company launches world’s first solely aged Speyside whisky cask tequilas


“Our company is based on being able to express ourselves in a fun and creative way”

HOLLYWOOD (Spiritsman) 11/17/17/–SCOTLAND’S first tequila company has officially launched, releasing the world’s first solely aged Speyside whisky cask tequila to the market. UWA Tequila, which is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, has released two out of three of its super premium 100% Blue Weber agave small batch craft tequilas.

The company officially released its super premium platinum blanco and its seven-month aged Speyside whisky cask reposado to the market for pre-orders for the first time this week. With a core range of three products including its blanco and reposado, the company will launch its 14-month aged añejo to the market in Spring next year.

Scotland’s first craft tequila firm, UWA Tequila specialises in unique, aged agave spirits, and also boasts one of the smoothest sipping and mixing blanco tequilas on the market today. Taking inspiration from their Scottish roots and the country’s love for whisky the Co-Founders have created the world’s first aged tequilas in Speyside single malt casks.

At 40% ABV the products are perfect for mixing into premium cocktails or sipping. Already experimenting with and introducing new, rare casks to the tequila industry, the company will also add numerous other products to its offering, including cask strength reposado and añejo at 53% in the near future.

Putting a Scottish twist on a Mexican favourite, the luxury brand exports Speyside whisky casks from Scotland to Tequila, Mexico, where the product is aged and bottled. The brand works in collaboration with a well-established distillery in the town of Tequila, Mexico and is passionate about educating consumers about their tequila’s journey.

Michael Ballantyne, co-founder of UWA Tequila, said: “Scotland has some of the finest food, drink, and tourism that the world has to offer, but tequila really hasn’t been a spirit that’s been focused on, partly because of the perception it’s had of being a cheap shot chased with salt and lime. We are here to change that perception.

“Our company is based on being able to express ourselves in a fun and creative way, so for us, tequila was the perfect fit. All of our tequilas are made from 100% rare Blue Weber agave and this is our chance to not only educate people on how great agave is, but to also promote responsible drinking as we’re very much focused on educating consumers about quality and not quantity “


Ross Davidson, co-founder and COO of UWA Tequila, said: “We make the tequila in the same way as anyone else does, but the fact we started out with an industry first using Single Malt Scotch whisky casks really does make our tequila stand out.

“Traditionally companies use American bourbon casks for ageing tequila so we’ve taken a really innovative approach in doing something completely different to the norm.” UWA Tequila’s small batch tequilas are now available to pre-order online at and will be accessible across the UK in numerous high-end shops, bars and restaurants. The products retail from £55 and Scottish companies Gordon and MacPhail and Bootstrap Liquor will be leading the UK trade distribution.

  • UWA Tequila was incorporated in September last year and is based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • UWA Tequila launched to the UK market at the end of November – pre-orders are now available ahead of the product arriving in the UK.
  • The company works with a leading Mexican tequila distillery to create its unique products.
  • UWA Tequila is owned by Michael Ballantyne, 34 and Ross Davidson, 30.
  • The products will soon be found in Harrods, Harvey Nichols and online at The Whisky Exchange.
  • UWA Tequila is available throughout the UK with Scottish companies Gordon & MacPhail and Bootstrap Liquor handling distribution.
  • The añejo expression will be available to the UK market in Spring 2018.
  • UWA Tequila’s core products are 40% ABV, with the cask strength ranges at 53% ABV

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