Soltado Picante-flavored Anejo “HAVE A HIT OF HEAT!” A New Tequila Sensation


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A New Tequila Sensation: Soltado Picante-flavored Anejo



By Michael Cohan, Libations Analyst


HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman) 12/6/2016–A representative reported in August 2015 that the face of the future tequila market is always changing to create the ultimate drinking tequila. Tequila producers are always trying to refine their tequila to come up with the best tasting one! This is what is shaping the challenging world of the burgeoning craft tequila market.

New tequila sensations debuting this past year are many. In analyzing two of the 10 the top brands this year have been TheBadStuff Tequila which this reviewer sampled this year at the San Diego Spirits Festival. It may be the most unusual name choice but The Bad Stuff means the best of the best. Made by Master Distiller Felipe Soto-Mares, a museum – grade Anejo priced at almost $15.00 a shot which makes it about $285.00 for a bottle. But can it be challenged?

The people of Soltado have invented their version with what they say has more character bringing flavor to this highly regarded category. They barrel age theirs for 28 months infusing fresh local sourced Serrano peppers and natural cinnamon. While pouring, the beautiful appearance of the golden hued Soltado nectar is getting ready to quench! The nose produces a smooth smelling uniqueness. Upon first sip the full texture leaves a bite of nuance throughout. The palate contains the roasted Serrano peppers followed with a burst of warmth from the cinnamon leaving you flaming as this 100% Picante-flavored agave releases its aromas magnifying your senses beyond belief! This tequila is like no other!


The bottle depicts a red fire aflame with a soaring hawk overhead in front of the full moon. The origin of the word Soltado is a past participle of the word Soltar which means to release, to let go, to let loose as in being released from a restraint, to give as in a hit! The etymology-suelto plus-ar or an alternative from a vulgar Latin word “Soltare.” Vulgar would be the heat you feel from those Picante-style roasted peppers, right!?

Soltado’s founder David Weissman has partnered with a truly unique distillery. It’s a co-op that is owned by 80 agave farmers in Juanacatlan region of Guadalajara because this small agave growing towns is in the Midlands region of Jalisco, an area not usually known for its tequila. Only Soltado gets their agave from these farmers in the Midlands and Mr. Weissman can guarantee only the best goes into Soltado.

As a small batch anejo infusion with only a small number of competitors, Soltado stands out as the only one made on a base of high quality anejo tequila macerated with all natural ingredients. The cinnamon provides a sweetness that chills down the peppers and adds a second texture to this full bodied infusion that will provide an evening full of chilly heatness! Visit their website at to experience the world of Soltado Tequilas.

Photography/Paintings: Tom Wright




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