Courvoisier Launchs New Rose Cognac Drink in Hollywood

Courvoisier Launchs New Rose Cognac Drink at Redbury Hotel in Hollywood


By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(Spiritsman)9/1/11/—Courvoisier is one of the world’s leading Cognac brands, and in an effort to appeal to the younger swinging and predominately female cocktail crowd they have launched the new Rose Cognac drink that will be retailing for a moderate $24.99. It also reflects the rapidly growing interest in Rose wine and the massive growth it has experienced in the last twelve months alone.

The blend can be drunk neat with ice or chilled, or it goes even better with either  Prosecco or Orange Juice. Although cognac remains the prime taste experience, the Courvoisier blend team seems to have come up with just the right amount of Premium French red wine grapes to make all the difference. Unfortunately research failed to reveal the actual grapes used in the drink, but since there are fifteen grape varieties used for Rose we can hopefully assume that Team Courvoisier did their due diligence.

The packaging in the iconic Josephine bottle is also very attractive, and when it comes to flavors then you taste a mixture of blackberry, black currant and cherry augmented by vanilla and honey.

The 36 proof liquid also has a nice aftertaste, and the AVB percentage of 18% is much lower than the traditional cognac percentage of 40%.

Look for this drink to make its national debut on June 1st to be supported by a massive marketing and advertising campaign. The sexy and refreshing angle is the message the marketers are trying to put across, hence the very private media launch last month at the ultra-trendy Redbury Hotel in Hollywood.

At this event, mixologist Moses was brought in all the way from Marcus Samuelson’s latest restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem to demonstrate the versatility of the spirit .


Cocktail suggestions:

Belle Rose-1 part Courvoisier Rose

2 part Orange Juice

5 part Lemon Lime Soda

Raspberry Garnish

Pink Slipper-1 part Courvoisier Rose

1 part Prosecco

Lemon Twist Garnish

Michael Hepworth

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