TOAST VODKA With Coconut Water The Anthem of Celebration


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TOAST VODKA With Coconut Water

The Anthem of Celebration



Because there is always something in life to TOAST: To Life, To Love, and To Us


By Kay Schroeder


Laguna(Spiritsman)7/29/16/–Even though my anticipation was very high, the attempt to evaluate and review the first shipment of this product got off to a very rough start. Product and Services Media contact, Tom Wright and I arranged for the handoff to take place at our local Starbucks in Laguna Hills, CA. I would venture to say that at every hour of the day or night, personal and/or business meetings are taking place at a Starbucks store somewhere in the world. So far, so good.

However, minutes after Tom presented the beautifully packaged bottle to me, I sat it on the ceramic tile floor. As we read the accompanying documentation and discussed the vodka’s origin and history, I regrettably moved my foot and knocked over the unopened, glass bottle. The result was shattered glass and a huge puddle of the specialty vodka. Tom turned to me immediately with that look of “No Kay, don’t even think of getting down on the floor and licking it up.” I suppose he was right.

It took a few minutes for us to hide our disappointment and compose ourselves enough to call for a “cleanup on isle 1”.  This mishap in itself was unfortunate enough, however we worried about what the PR and marketing staff would think, and most importantly, would they be willing to give us another chance and send a replacement.


We soon learned that our fears were unfounded because Mr. James Goll of 24-Group PR and Marketing, could not have been more understanding and gracious. He immediately shipped us the 750 ml TOAST Vodka shown below.

A little research told me that Entrepreneur and restaurateur, Dieuveny “DJ” Louis set out to create a vodka that would be unlike any other vodka. He planned to accomplish this by focusing on, and ensuring that quality craftsmanship would be adhered to throughout the entire development process.

In 2015, TOAST was awarded GOLD in the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.

In 2017, ultra-premium TOAST Vodka became the official vodka of the 35th America’s Cup. TOAST Vodka is made in the U.S.A., distilled in Florida, and developed in the heart of the trendsetting South Beach/Miami nightlife.


Four years in development, the corn-based recipe has been distilled six times and contains no GMO or gluten. What makes TOAST different from any other vodka is the subtle flavor the unsweetened coconut water imparts to the vodka.

When the replacement bottle arrived a few days later, I was ready to start the taste and evaluation, although this time, I invited my friend, Jane (a vodka devotee) to participate.   I wanted to capture her thoughts and opinion of how TOAST Vodka measured up against some of the other well respected brands of vodka.

Our service method of choice consisted of chilled vodka poured into a chilled martini glass. That’s it. No vermouth or any other additions were included. Although vodka does not actually freeze, having it rest in the freezer for at least three hours before serving improves the consistency and brings out its best flavor. Give it a few seconds to warm ever so slightly to ensure that your taste buds will not become too cold to fully enjoy the taste.


Once the taste test began, we put our regular topics of chit chat aside so we could direct our full attention to the three senses involved in tasting vodka: sight, smell, and the all-important sense of taste.

Sight: When you hold the glass up to a light, the vodka should have a slightly thick liquid appearance. A high quality vodka that has been in the freezer may have a hint of blue or cream color. You may also notice a gentle sheen or soft glow.

Smell: Vodka should never have a medicinal smell reminiscent of ethyl spirits.

Taste: This is what separates a premium vodka from the rest. Perhaps it is most helpful to first talk about what a vodka should not taste like. The taste should not burn, be watery, harsh/caustic, bitter or feel rough on your palate. Vodka should taste smooth and soft.

After Jane and I ticked off all of the above criteria, we came to the following conclusion(s):

Kay: In my opinion, it would be doing this well crafted vodka a disservice by mixing it with anything. This vodka possesses a subtle flavor that makes it the perfect spirit to be enjoyed neat or chilled. You can save your mixers for the less elegant vodkas.

Jane’s comments were right on and very succinct: “Very smooth. A vodka unlike any other.”


What TOAST creator DJ Louis espouses is a deep appreciation for life as a celebration. He asks the question: “What better declaration to celebration is there than to give a TOAST? TOAST Vodka is just that, an anthem of celebration.”

I find it very difficult to disagree with that! So prost, salut, cheers, bubeh bubeh, skal, santé, or Mma manu! No matter what language you use, the tradition of offering a toast seems to be universal. Why not make it with the best tasting vodka?




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