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By Michael Cohan

HOLLYWOOD (Spiritsman) 6/9/2016 – This premium flavored peach vodka imported from France will create a sugary sweetness of sensuality and lift your taste buds to new heights with its ethereal smoothness. You will feel as though you are just melting in the stratosphere as you relax possibly in Belize drinking Alize with your loved one cooling off from the hot sun as you both enjoy the delicate flavors of their passion fruit Liqueurs. A satisfaction of completeness will swoon the both of you as the intense peachiness and exotic aromas envelope your senses!



Upon first sip you will immediately recognize the fruitiness up front on the palate. As the sip trickles down and around, it will gradually spread out and you will get the alcohol on the back end. The a.b.v. of this unique liqueur registers at 16%. The product line also includes three other colorful and inviting bright flavors. Gold Passion was the first and L’Original. When mixed it creates their version of a   Golden Margarita. Red Passion uses cranberries and this drink would produce a tart cocktail like their Party Crasher. The Bleu Passion utilizes fresh cherries and a hint of ginger to deliver a hint of spice.


Of course you can also enjoy all these libations on the rocks or as this reviewer will swear by serve cold and in a shot glass! Come to think of it you can also purchase a bottle of champagne to discover sex-citing ways of enjoying the Allure of Alize! Then you will know that life is always more fun in color and at



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