New Playground: One-Eyed Gypsy ‘carnie bachanale’ Come Eat, Drink, Play, Groove in Downtown L.A.

Come Eat, Drink, Play, and Groove at LA’s

New Playground: One-Eyed Gypsy ‘carnie bachanale’

By Christina Cha

Los Angeles, CA(Spiritsman)10/31/11/—Introducing LA’s latest nightlife attraction, The One-Eyed Gypsy, the epitome of an adult playground.   Formerly known as Bordello and prior before as the Little Pedro’s, is historically marked as one of the oldest watering holes in Los Angeles. The Gypsy is nestled right on the edge of Los Angeles River where the 5 fwy meets the 101 fwy, also known as the Artist District (901 E. 1st Street). Dana Hollister is one of many talented Los Angeles designer and restaurateur (Villians Tavern, Cliff’s Edge), is the master mind of reinventing Bordello into this 1930’s traveling carnival fair inspired cabaret, One-Eyed Gypsy.

Entering in the Gypsy you are immediately whisked away in a time traveling psychedelic disarray. A massive stuffed albino OX greets you and straight ahead is the bar scattered with Hollister’s acclaimed antiques: Greek statues, gold frame mirrors, beads /fringes draping over the doors, chandeliers, on the far left is a jukebox that plays real 45’s. But the fun doesn’t stop there for there are several vintage boardwalk games that are randomly placed throughout saloon with Fortune Teller machine, a Love-O-Meter, Toy Grab machine, 1970s photo booth, and let’s not forget the classic skee-balls. And yes, you do win tickets just like when you were kid at Chuck-E-Cheese, accept you don’t redeem your winning ticket for a useless “Made in China” junk, you can redeem them with your choice of food and drinks at the bar. Brilliant!

The food and drinks at Gypsy is designed to be fun, affordable, utensil-free, and full of exotic favorite flavors.  Devouring into these great bar treats will have your taste buds with complete epicurean satisfaction such as their sweet potato tater tots, juicy caramelized onion sliders, thin crust pizzas, corndogs, and let’s not forget deep fried Oreos (price range from $5 to $9). As for the drink menus, it is split into two parts, $11 for the “high rollers” cocktails like “Surley Sailer” made with Gosling’s Dark Run, white run, Bacardi 151, fresh blackberries, pineapples, and lime juice; and $8 for “cheap dates” cocktail (no pun intended) is what you find in “Gypsy Juice” made with gin, sloe gin, fresh citrus juice and hard apple cider. For entertainment, you will appreciate the off-beat circus performance from sword swallowers, magician acts, candle flickers, and live musical performance available every opening nights (Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30pm to 2am).

The One-Eyed Gypsy

901 E. 1st Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Michael Hepworth

287 S.Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Christina Cha