A HAPPY HOLIDAY DRINK: A Snowball Crush featuring Deleon Platinum Tequila!



Michael Hepworth




A Snowball Crush featuring Deleon Platinum Tequila!


By Michael Cohan

Laguna Woods,CA(Spiritsman)12/3/15/–The other day my friend and I were getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and during our happy hour we began sipping on our favorite Deleon Platinum tequila while watching football. So we began playing with the tequila and concocted our version of a fall/winter cocktail.

We took a martini glass and filled it with crushed ice. Then we poured a jigger of the Deleon over the ice. To top that off we drizzled a modest amount of cranberry juice and then added a few special cranberries and voila, our “Cranberry Snowball Crush” was born!

To partake in this drink a spoon should be used as it is necessary to get a little ice and cranberry to taste the strong tequila finish. Your palate will balance the tartness and the sweetness perfectly. But don’t forget to add more Deleon Platinum as the ice will melt over time.



Experience the “Snowball” however you want but my friend and I are sold that the Deleon Platinum tequilas work best! This season enjoy playing with your favorite Snowball!

Chef Peter Peterson: Cranberry juice, special seasoned cranberries

Tom Wright:  Liquor Photographer