Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey,Chinese gunpowder tea, Mexican blue agave !!!





Michael Hepworth





By Michael Cohan

HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)8/4/15/–Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey is a new entry in the pre-made bottled cocktails market. Just released last month to the public in Florida but produced in the whiskey capitol of the world, Bardstown, Kentucky. It is a combination of light flavors which are balanced by the predominant Chinese gunpowder green tea, Mexican blue agave, and American rye whiskey.



The agave acts as a neutralizer of the whiskey which tones down the texture producing its flat but fragrant finish.


However, the essence of Marlee’s is the deliciousness of the green tea and its natural health benefits. Creator Jared Berlin found this exotic whiskey blend while traveling in China. The Chinese invented this blend dating back to the 1800’s.


The presence of the rye adds just the right kick to the liquor creating a light and crispy nature of this low calorie alternative.




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