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Michael Hepworth

HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/24/15/–Un-aged and unrivaled in finish, , made from 100% Highland Blue Weber agave, is a provocative Blanco with a rich, complex agave hone that is slow-fermented and twice-distilled.












On behalf of DeLeón Tequila, I’m reaching out to introduce you to its newest initiative, the #NextLevelOrder program featuring secret “off-the-menu” cocktails made with DeLeón Platinum. In celebration of National Tequila Day on Fri., July 24, DeLeón Tequila is partnering with nationally-renowned mixologists from across New York, Los Angeles and Miami to share exclusive cocktail creations inspired by this magical spirit that will only be available to those “in the know” from now through the month of August.

DeLeón has partnered with the following bartenders and locations to create these cocktail masterpieces that draw inspiration from the intricately nuanced flavor ofDeLeón Platinum Tequila:


  • New York City

o   Extra Fancy – “Peach Colored Glasses” by Meaghan Montagano

o   Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel – “Lost Horizon” by James Menite

  • Los Angeles

o   Sassafras Saloon – “La Caifana” by Karen Grill

o   BarToni’s – “Summer of Love” by Aidan Demarest

o   Toca Madera – “Agave Por Vida” by Juan Martinez

  • Miami

o   Regent Cocktail Club – “Cobbleone” by Richie Petronzi




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