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HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/8/15/–Albariño Day will be upon us before we know it (August 1st)! Like so many other 2015:days, it is a day to celebrate of the Albariño grape varietal, wine region of Rias Baixas in Galicia (northwestern Spain), and its local culture.


Bodega Don Olegario winery is a traditional example of Albariño wine. Produced in the Rias Baxais region, Bodega Don Olegario Albariño ($19.99) is made with 100 percent Albariño grapes, a light, elegant varietal with good acidity. The grapes are quite aromatic, with peach, nectarine and floral aromas. It is late ripening grape that grows in moderately cool to warm climates.


The Bodega Don Olegario Albariño is medium-bodied that shows opulent, powerful aromas and flavors of citrus and flowers, with tropical notes. The grapes are produced at 95 meters elevation on a  12.4-acre vineyard with 30-year-old vines in sandy and granite soils.


The grapes are hand harvested and undergo a cold maceration before fermentation in stainless steel vats at controlled temperatures. The wine ages 8 months in stainless steel vats on the lees before filtering and bottling.


With the versatility to pair with a wide range of dishes, Albariño is a great match. The classic pairing is with various seafood (due to the its origin), however Albariño can stand up to unexpected international fare. Albariño’s crisp, clean flavors compliment sushi perfectly, which is commonly known to be difficult to pair with wine.


The Don Olegario Albariño will also pair nicely with spicy and flavorful cuisines like Indian and Thai dishes, which usually overpower other wines. Other successful pairings include soft cheeses and poultry dishes.







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