Monkey Spiced Rum, “The Adventures of the Howling Monkeys”



Michael Hepworth



Monkey Spiced Rum, “The Adventures of the Howling Monkeys”



By Michael Cohan


HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)7/7/15/–To quote a song by Dave Mason, “Let it Go, Let it Flow” quite sums up the way you should pour and drink Zane Lamprey’s Monkey Spiced Rum. When you do that, this rum trickles down your throat as we visualize the inspirations of the howling monkeys of Trinidad, who leap from branch to branch, seeking fun and adventure from tree to tree.


“Let Monkey Rum inspire your sense of adventure.” -Zane Lamprey

Much like sipping your favorite drink, we are moved into a new realm of flavor from this full bodied spiced rum. In fact, Mr. Lamprey created this after two years of research, manufacturing and testing for his favorite drink. He aptly named his new concoction after coming home from his journey with his simian companion, Pleepeus. The result is sophistication of spiced rum perfection! This reviewer will only drink this brand from now on, nothing else compares!


If you want to really howl, drink this neat; maybe a medium howl, try it on the rocks; or as a cocktail sent in by Dan Morris from


“Anal Violation” – To attempt this inspiration you need:

3 ounces of a Canadian whisky, preferably Crown Royal,

2 ounces of Monkey spiced rum

8 ounces of a citrus juice or punch, orange juice works great!

Let it all flow together over ice in highball glass! Delicious!

This is a perennial rum not like those other spiced rums you mix with soda. Up front on the palate, there’s a burst of adventure, of cinnamon, vanilla, and oak in which they all combine to finish with a sweet end much like the leap of life of the howling monkeys of Trinidad. Are you ready to experience the explosive personality of Monkey Spiced Rum?



Monkey Rum is distilled 100% from Caribbean Molasses. Angostura, Trinidad, our source of rum, distills using column stills that allows the blender to draw off a lighter, clean, rum base that we then age for up to three years.

Both rums are barrel aged in ex-bourbon American Oak barrels. These barrels impart some vanilla tones, and lend a smooth quality and golden hue to the rums. Our Toasted Coconut Rum is aged approximately 6-12 months, and our Spiced Rum, between 2-3 years.

Angostura’s Master Blender hand selects barrels of aged rum to expertly blend these together to form the basis of both our Toasted Coconut and Spiced rums. Our Toasted Coconut rum features a natural toasted coconut flavor, with smoked hickory “notes” blending well with the fresh coconut flavors. Our Spiced Rum features cinnamon, blended with vanilla and buttery caramelized sugar flavors. There is a hint of the same toasted coconut flavor on the spiced which adds a superior finish and smoothness.


  • Premium Caribbean rum
  • All natural tropical spices
  • Hints of toasted coconut
  • Great with cola!


  • Premium Caribbean rum
  • All natural toasted coconut
  • Hints of vanilla
  • Great straight!


MRSP -$31.99



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