The Black Grouse “A Dance in Your Glass”


Michael Hepworth


The Black Grouse “A Dance in Your Glass”



By Michael Cohan

HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)6/24/15/–Anticipating the first sip of yet another one of Scotland’s finest whiskeys, what jumps out for this reviewer are the many aromas dancing around my glass at first taste! You are first hit with the peaty flavor and then the smokiness towards the finish combining together perfectly. The deliciousness of drinking a few more sips, The Black Grouse seemed to just cascade over my tongue like a mountain stream flowing over the rocks.


Introduced in 2008 by its sibling The Famous Grouse – which is the best selling blended whisky in Scotland – the Black version is a combination of the White original blend added to the rich Islay malt whiskeys which creates a more full bodied flavor.


What’s good about this is that the smokiness does not over power the palate. The whisky remains light but full of aromas with some oak and just a hint of a sweet finish. Compared to other Islay – produced liquors, The Black Grouse is a very drinkable, affordable, and perfect introduction into the world of the rich and smoky Islay single malts.


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