I SPIRIT ITALIAN VODKA “the original Italian vodka”



By Michael Hepworth

Los Angeles, CA(Spiritsman)10/23/11/—This is a smooth tasting and high end Vodka from the unlikely location of Italy, a far cry from Eastern Europe or Scandinavia, but it certainly gets the thumbs up from this writer. Just when I thought the luxury Vodka market had peaked here comes yet another worthy contender. In fact, Italian Vodka is gaining a lot of ground quickly in the USA, Purity Vodka is available in California, Nevada, Georgia and New York but this one surely to be the best of the bunch because the quality is so high.

Created by a trio of diverse Italian’s, chief spokesperson is the owner of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, Arrigo Cipriani. Harry’s Bar is where Ernest Hemingway used to hang out and by all accounts he loved vodka. Cipriani is joined in this fun venture by Lapo Elkann, a member of the Fiat family and reportedly a typical Italian playboy and businessman, and distiller Marco Fantinel.

The Vodka is produced in Spilimbergo which is not far from Venice, and the prime ingredient is wine produced from the Friuli region of Italy where these white grapes used in the process emanate from. The grains used are a mixture of rye, barley and wheat and the Vodka is distilled five times. Water used in the distillation process comes from the Dolomites, and the blend is distilled in copper alembics and tall rectification columns creating a crystal clear vodka.

When you drink this stuff you also get a hint of yellow tree fruit and melon, and another thing I like about I Spirit is the pleasant lingering taste it leaves in the mouth. This spirit will impress your friends and they have pulled no punches in getting the brand known very quickly. They hired brand manager Cesare Martini to push the vodka in the USA, and he has impeccable pedigree, being the grandson of Alessandro Martini of Martini & Rossi fame.

I Spirit was launched in he USA in May at an event in Cipriani’s in New York where lead bartender Luca Rastelli created special cocktails for the 60 VIP guests in attendance.

Retailing at $34.99, the spirit goes particularly well with Italian produce such as basil, cherry tomatoes or wild berries.

Signature I Spirit Martini

4/5 I Spirit Vodka

1/5 Dry Martini Vermouth

Fill a shaker with ice

Add a drop of Martini Dry Vermouth and shake to “martinizzare” the shaker, pour out. Add new ice to shaker Pour ingredients and shake

Drop in 2 drops of olive juice Strain into a chilled ‘Coupette’ martini glass, garnish with 3 green olives.


Michael Hepworth

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