Snow Leopard Vodka launches in LA




Michael Hepworth



Snow Leopard Vodka launches in LA




By Cheri Fox 
HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)4/7/15/–Snow Leopard Vodka launched in LA May 5, 2015 , with a private reception at the trendy Eveleigh restaurant ; the party was filled with exclusive spirits media , and distributors The menu included several cocktails including the Conservation Sparrow Swizzle and Ghost Cat.

Guests enjoyed the farm to table experience while sitting in the grassy garden with an authentic wooden picnic type table filled with several of Everleighs popular farm to table dishes included cauliflower, arugula salad, lentils with goat cheese , white fish with zucchini, potatoes and grilled chicken.


Owner Stephen Sparrow greeted all the guests and explained his passion for trying to incorporate his distinguished vodka with the good cause of helping save the Snow Leopards from extinction.


The clean tastings the Snow Leopard made a big splash ; It’s the first luxury vodka of its kind, Snow Leopard is made from the distinctive spelt grain and distilled six times in small batches using natural spring water. With a rich flavor and smooth yet viscous mouthfeel, Snow Leopard stands out in cocktails, rather than blending in and allowing itself to be masked by other flavors.


Unlike winter wheat or rye grains typically used in vodka, spelt’s tough husk protects the grain from external pollutants while retaining nutrients, resulting in a freshness not found
in any other grain. Spelt is grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring the cleanest final product.

This exceptional vodka was created out of the desire to save the Snow Leopards from extinction, portion of the proceeds is donated directly to Snow Leopard conservation.


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Michael Hepworth

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