Rocky Mountain High: Ultra Premium Vodka, Honey Vodka and Gin Spirits

Rocky Mountain Water Spirits: Ultra Premium Vodka, Honey Vodka and Gin





By Michael Hepworth

Denver, CO (Spiritsman)9/1/11/——Spring 44 is a liquor company based out of Denver that have just launched their new Ultra Premium Vodka, Honey Vodka and Gin. The spirits are made with Colorado Rocky Mountain artesian spring water at a height of 9,044 ft.The spirits are distilled five times with a multi grain blend of wheat, corn and rye.

The founders of the company were so impressed with the water in that part of the world they took the big step to launch the spirits and time will tell if the purity of the water will make all the difference to the very selective vodka drinker. This release just adds another twist to the ever increasing abundance of gins and vodka on the market for the confused consumer, and that is where price point is so important.

When you are going up against the Grey Goose and Belvedere’s of this world the quality has to be there, and Spring 44 Vodka produces clarity thanks to the Colorado water which is considered the best in the world by experts. Add that to the sweet aroma combined with rye spiciness and you have a vodka that is very dry and also very light.

The Honey Vodka has traces of lavender, vanilla and toasted nuts and of course supposedly straight from the honeycomb, although I would have no way of telling that. The gin has a pleasant citrus taste along with juniper of course and cinnamon and green tea and is more similar to the new style Western gins than the London dry variety. The gin is devoid of the harsh Juniper taste that many American drinkers shy away from and is particularly good with fruity style cocktails.  Spring 44 utilize a virgin coconut husk carbon filtration system, and the 12 botanicals used are mostly indigenous to Colorado.

These drinks are only currently available in New York and Colorado and will probably sell quite well in Colorado in particular, but only good word of mouth or a John Elway endorsement will propel the drinks to mega sales in a very crowded market. I liked the different packaging on the bottles which is a snowflake on the vodka, a bee on the honey vodka and a juniper berry on the gin bottle.


Retail Prices:

Spring44 Vodka                 $24.99

Spring44 Honey Vodka     $24.99

Spring44 Gin                     $29.99

Alcohol Content 80% (40% Alcohol by volume)

Michael Hepworth

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