Belles Organics’ Family Business Industry’s First Organic “Craft Cocktail”


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Belles Organics’ Kickstarter Aims to Establish Industry’s First Organic “Craft Cocktail” Brand

 Rydal, GA (Spiritsmna)12/4/14/– –Discriminating consumers who are fed up with the lack of high quality organic cocktails available at retail stores, can now turn this unfortunate state of affairs into an inspiring American Dream success story by supporting the Belles Organics’ Kickstarter campaign, which is aiming to establish the industry’s first organic “Craft Cocktail” brand.

“While the craft movement has spread like wildfire throughout the beer and distilled spirits industry, it has yet to enter the pre-packaged cocktail world, which frankly is little more than an afterthought for the big brands,” commented Jessica Flores, Georgia-based Belles Organics’ Founder and CEO. “Instead of finding delectable small batch crafted cocktails made with ‘real’ ingredients on retail shelves, discerning consumers are being subjected to veritable chemistry projects made with cheap liquors, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and artificial colors. Well, I finally said enough is enough, and that’s how Belles Organics was born!”


If Belles Organics’ Kickstarter campaign reaches its $50,000 goal, the company plans to use the funds to begin the journey to build its very own tasting room in the brand’s signature 1930s Jazz Cabaret styling. The team plans to debut its venue in the Founder’s home state of South Carolina, specifically Charleston, where they feel is just the right location committed to maintaining the nostalgia of the era.

“This won’t just be another winery or distillery tour,” added Flores who in addition to her executive duties is also the creative force behind her company’s circa-1930s image; one that was chosen partly for its distinctive fashion and flare, but mostly because it marked the rise of the modern woman in US history. “It’s a destination to provide customers the `Belles Full Experience,’ which includes tasting the USDA-certified organic small batch crafted cocktails. There are five flavors so far: The Banana Belle, The Beri Belle, The Southern Belle, The Belle on the Beach, and The Georgia Belle.”

Backers of Belles Organics’ Kickstarter campaign — either for themselves or as a unique Christmas gift for someone on their list — can pledge anywhere from $5 to $10,000, and the rewards include everything from getting an 8×10 signed photo of a favorite “Belle” (i.e. one of the company’s glitzy and glamorous vintage-styled performers), to enjoying an “Exclusive Full Belle Experience” that includes a VIP day with the company’s Belles, Founders and Stylist team, complete with a full makeover, new wardrobe, personal coffee table photo book, on-stage performance with the Belles, personal pin up illustration, and more.

“We chose Kickstarter to raise funds because, unlike emotionless investment groups, real people believe in dreams and want to be a part of something better, better and beautiful,” added Jessica Flores, who in 2013 was nominated as the Georgia Small Business Leader of the Year. “And while I would love to sit down with each potential backer so they can see how passionate we are, I’m confident that our Kickstarter page and video, along with our website, does a great job of telling our American Dream story — one that they can be a big part of for years to come!”


Belles Organics’ Kickstarter campaign is open now at, and closes on December 20, 2014.

More information on Belles Organic is available on the web at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

contact Jessica Flores at or (770) 382-5658.

 Funds Would be Used to Provide Discriminating Consumers with a Wide Range of Delectable, USDA-Certified Organic Small Batch Crafted Cocktails at their Local Retail Store



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