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HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)8/31/13/—Smooth and mellow is the easiest way to describe this new premium rum horchata launched this month by the Cruzan people. Crafted by the Nelthropp family on the island of St.Croix, it is the re-entry of Cruzan into the rum cream market which can be enjoyed by itself or in a cocktail. Retail price is $19.99 so you can expect caseloads of this stuff to fly off liquor shelves during the holidays.


Of course cinnamon immediately comes to mind after tasting, but nutmeg is also prevalent and the drink has a nice lingering finish. It also has a higher proof than much of its competition, but if you are looking for a quick buzz and lift this is probably not the drink for you. It is more of a relaxing drink to be enjoyed with friends on a nice casual level preferably with a nice tropical breeze not too far away.

The family have been distilling Cruzan rum for eight generations, and have been using a five column distillation process. Cruzan also has a reputation for distilling clean rum based on the low level of fusel oils, which are a by-product of the distillation process.

If they are not removed properly can easily taint the smell and taste of any rum. The Cruzan portfolio is impressive enough and includes Aged Light and Dark, Black Strap, Single Barrel,, 151 Proof, 9 Spiced and 13 other flavored rums. Those flavors include Coconut, key lime, passion fruit, mango and strawberry in an ever expanding part of the liquor market where competition is intense.

Cruzan uses tropical rainwater and high-quality molasses in their distillation process. Horchata is a creamy drink coming from Mexico and rum is its natural partner.





 Recipe-Cruzan Cinnamon Sugar Punch.

2 parts Cruzan Velvet Cinn

½ part Cruzan Aged Dark Rum

¼ part Lemon Juice

¼ part Ruby Port

¼ part Sugar

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and whisk until sugar is dissolved. Chill in

refrigerator for 1 hour before serving w/ice.

 Cruzan Cinnful Cherry.

¾ parts Cruzan Velvet Cinn

½ part Cruzan Black Cherry Rum

Combine all over ice, stir, pour into shot glass.


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