Lotus White Vodka slightly spicy and very fresh “Improve Your Drinking Karma,”

By Michael Hepworth

HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)6/28/13/—With about three new Vodka brands launched every day, it has now become our mission to try and inform our readers of those brands we think deserve more attention. White Lotus Vodka falls into that category, and this brand new entrant into the very crowded and competitive market place looks like a winner to this writer. Unfortunately, the vodka is only currently available in California , and another refreshing trend is that they are not relying in celebrity tie-ins to promote the drink.  The San Francisco based company has employed the talents of some of the top mixologists in the city to come up with a drink that utilizes the flavors of pomegranate and acai juice to create cocktails with a special flavor. As soon as you open the bottle, the flavor hits you, slightly spicy and very fresh.

Lotus Vodka is the first ever vitamin vodka that is enhanced with all-natural ingredients, that has been created after several years of hard work.  Apparently, the vodka has come out ahead in early blind tasting exercises against such venerable names as Ketel One and Grey Goose.  The motto of the company is “Improve Your Drinking Karma,” and that is reflected in the stylish zen-looking bottle.  Anticipated profits will be donated to several charities in the San Francisco area that promote health and the arts, and judging by the taste of this exciting new entrant into the market place, profits should be quite healthy.












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