Bakon-Vodka What Will They Think Of Next?


By Michael Hepworth

Los Angeles, CA(Spiritsman)10/12/11/—Yes you are correct, a company has recently launched Bakon Vodka in the hope that it will be the next big thing in flavoured Vodka’s. Vodka purists and Jewish people will not even go near this product, but those of you who fancy yourself as a mixologist will probably enjoy the challenge.. Drinking it over three nights while watching the Ken Burns documentary “Prohibition” made me realize just how those people in those days would have thought of such an unlikely combination of pig and potato.

Distilled in Idaho with North Western potatoes, and with a single heating process, the vodka naturally has a strong scent when you open the bottle, and is perfect for the recent trend of “carnivorous cocktails” that trendy mixologists love to favour. Many of them combine this particular product with a blue-cheese stuffed olive that seems to blend well with the bacon in a drink..

The truth is that I would likely only use it in a Bloody Mary, and The Bakon Mary is considered their flagship drink where the taste of bacon does come through rather strongly, but it is not overbearing. The aroma of fatty smoked bacon has helped the vodka win numerous awards including a gold medal at the 2010 Beverage Tasting Institute International Review of Spirits.

A stylish bottle gives the product a touch of class, and there are some intriguing drink recipes available on the web site that seem enticing. Top of these has to be the Bakon Chocolate Martini where the smokiness of the bacon enhances the chocolate by all accounts. I regret not having tried that one along with the Elvis Presley, a combination of the vodka with hazelnut liqueur, banana liqueur and Cream. The other recipes are not that complicated however

The company behind this innovative drink is based in Seattle, and it took them about two years to perfect the taste after much experimentation I suspect. The barrage of flavoured vodka’s remains unabated, and the curiosity value of this product is enough to ensure continued interest in possibly other foods being infused

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Michael Hepworth

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