D’USSE COGNAC A bold new expression of Cognac, Expanding National Jay-Z’s Launch Party














Michael Hepworth

Hollywood(Spiritsman)5/10/13/—D’USSE Cognac is a brand on the rise, and for those of you who care about this sort of thing, then it is the house brand at Jay Z’s hip and trendy club in New York called 40/40 Club. The brand has been introduced to the well heeled customers of the club, many of whom were not particularly hip to cognac. Many of these customers enjoyed the cocktails so much that they have been enticed to try D’USSE straight on the rocks.

What they experienced is a rather bold new Cognac that delivers a smooth finish. The aroma is quite intense with a woody feel with a slight hint of cinnamon and floral.










Retailing at $45 a bottle, D’USSE originally launched in New York City and Washington DC, and more recently has been spotted in Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas. The Cognac is produced in the cellars of the Chateau De Cognac-a home with a 200 year legacy.

Cellar master Michael Casavecchia is the man behind the brand. “After years as the curator at the Chateau de Cognac, I was given the opportunity to put my blending skills to the test. I developed my own vision of a distinctively bold, yet remarkably smooth Cognac.” He goes on to say, “With an appreciation for the heavy responsibility that goes along with every decision in the Cognac making process, I was honored to set forth an important legacy with D’USSE.”







What that all means is a Cognac that comes from the humid cellars deep in the bowels of the Chateau. These cellars are protected by French stone walls three meters thick. These walls interact with the nearby Charente River to maintain a constant temperature of 59 degrees and a year round humidity factor of 90%-perfect climatic conditions for aging Cognac.










Cognac is not the kind of drink to have every day especially if you are winding down after a hard day at the office, but any well stocked home bar should have some in stock, and D’USSE would be a good choice to make.








Cocktail of choice:


. 1 part D’USSE Cognac

. ½  part Triple Sec

. 1 part Orange Juice

. Top w/ Prosecco

Glassware: champagne flute

Garnish : long orange spiral



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