HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT HOTEL Healthy Cocktails for Shooting Stars

Strawberry non-alcoholic













Michael Hepworth


By Bonnie Carroll

HOLLYWOOD(Spiritsman)4/30/13/–The Library Bar in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is home to up and coming performers, both in front of the bar and behind the bar. It’s amazing how many people are more and more enjoying healthy and inventive libations made with natural ingredients. The mixologist at this trendy venue gives new meaning to ‘farmers market’ fresh! The front of the bar itself is lined with beautiful herbs, fruits and vegetables included in the original recipes used for favorite and specialty cocktails prepared for patrons.

Alex Frost, mixologist at The Library Bar, not only serves amazing standard and individual requests, but he also mixes up some extraordinary looking and tasting non-alcoholic cocktails to please the most sophisticated beverage loving Hollywood lady.

Basil Muddle w/gin, lime, Soda

The private little bar emulates an inviting dimly lit library, and is filled with comfy leather furniture accented with animal prints. I guess you could say it’s a hip ‘cheers’ style hangout for the rich and hope to soon be famous crowd in Hollywood. If you are in Tinsel Town you don’t want to miss this historic little hide-a-way. It’s all good here, and everyone is having a great time.  www.Thompsonhotels.com.





Healthy Cocktails for Shooting Stars

Michael Hepworth

287 S.Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211




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